Saturday, 29 September 2012

Moved Jobs again!

I left my last seagoing job yesterday. I've updated the list in the last post & added the new running total minus the lathe as that's just tools at the end of the day!
Big changes in my life at the mo, looking to change career just after Xmas, might be relocating!
I have a nice workshop eyed up.

The car is now called WASP & the color will be Yellow with 2 black stripes, a bit like Bumble Bee out of Transformers, only smaller! ;-)

More to follow soon

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Moved Jobs!

I'm now working in Plymouth for 7 months and the build has been relocated up to my brother’s garage in Stafford. So the main focus is now on getting the bits that I need to complete. Just a short list.....

GRP nosecone, wings & scuttle
2lt DOHC oil dipstick (some dipstick broke the original)
Set of coil overs
Prop shaft
Fuel tank
Fuel Pp & sender
Brake lines
Fuel lines
Bonnet & side panels
Roll bar
Seat belts
Steering column shroud
Engine hoist
Lathe (nice to have)

I know there’s a lot of niff naff to get like clips, pins, fixings and the like.
I’ve also promised to clean out Dave’s garage for its use! I also need to get some stuff on eBay to recoup some cash on the project, the running cost so far is £857.19p

There may be a few more updates with very little being done! Sounds mad I know.

L8ers peeps

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Steering Rack Extensions..... check :)

With a big thanx to John & Revs for the work & TK for the plans I now have a nice set of extensions for the Roadster. The bits are all coming together now.

Now on to Plymouth (job change), not sure whats next in the project, the welding will have to take a back seat due to no welder :-(
Until next time


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The build moves!

Tomorrow my build moves to Stafford! I move jobs on the 11th Oct to Plymouth.
My brother has agreed to store my gear in his garage until i'm ready to get cracking again.
The last few months I've been amassing bits to finish the welding. today I finished making my steering rack brackets, well chuffed :) steep learning curve on the milling machine, but i'm happy with the result.

I promise to update a bit more often from now :D


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My back end is growing!!!!

Over the last few months I've done little work on the roadster but all that I have done is around the diff area. As you can see from the pic a few of the mounting plates are now fitted, along with the top suspension housings.
I managed to get a steering column with a working steering lock at Christmas, so happy days there :-)

You can also see in the pic that my top & bottom rials are bent to shape, the ends just need cutting to length & welded on to form the rear tub

Until next time :-)

Monday, 20 December 2010

Slow progress!

Well it's been quite slow over the last few weeks. all that's been done is the diff housing (the boxy thing at the rear). I started to fully weld the chassis after strapping it down to the table with ratchet straps, they help to stop the chassis warping.

I also managed to manufacture a few of the plates I need for various mounts & brackets. now that I've finished work until the 4th Jan, the build is on the back burner!

This would be a good point to wish all the blog readers a very Merry Christmas & a Wonderful New Year

 Have a Cool Yule peeps :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Still welding! & I may be some time.

Just another pic to show progress as the welding / measuring is taking it's time to get right. Also had to spend a bit of time drying the welder! You can just see a coffee ring bottom right of the table, some absolute ass knocked my (his) coffee onto the controls of the mig. Still working, thank god :)

I'll need to sort out some more Argon gas for the mig, almost empty :(

Signing off, Twin

Note to self.... Don't put your coffee on the build table!