Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Moved Jobs!

I'm now working in Plymouth for 7 months and the build has been relocated up to my brother’s garage in Stafford. So the main focus is now on getting the bits that I need to complete. Just a short list.....

GRP nosecone, wings & scuttle
2lt DOHC oil dipstick (some dipstick broke the original)
Set of coil overs
Prop shaft
Fuel tank
Fuel Pp & sender
Brake lines
Fuel lines
Bonnet & side panels
Roll bar
Seat belts
Steering column shroud
Engine hoist
Lathe (nice to have)

I know there’s a lot of niff naff to get like clips, pins, fixings and the like.
I’ve also promised to clean out Dave’s garage for its use! I also need to get some stuff on eBay to recoup some cash on the project, the running cost so far is £857.19p

There may be a few more updates with very little being done! Sounds mad I know.

L8ers peeps

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