Monday, 18 October 2010

The steel & build table.

Thanks to a friend "Edwin" I got 90% of the steel at cost price (£70) He even lent me his spare chop saw, what a star :)
So the day was spent on his farm, cutting & labelling all the chassis parts.

I forgot to mention that i'm doing the build at work, so after moving the steel from N Wales to Gosport (by Portsmouth) the job then was to sort out a build table. the idea as to use a 8x4 sheet of ply braced up to keep it flat, I spent a few days building that. I was given 4 sets of legs for the table that were different sizes! improvise, adapt & overcome! a few extensions later & its all nice and level :)


A quick lick of paint & then onto the marking out with a little help from some conti-blocks. I'm now ready to start the fettling of the steel with all the correct angles using the grinder with a 1mm cutting disc.

That'll do for now, a few bits n bobs to add tomorrow and we should all be up to date :)



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